Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Anticipated Titles for the PlayStation Vita

                 The PlayStation Vita is latest handheld device from Sony that released on the February of this year. It is now my favorite handheld system. The software lineup this year seems to be slow but that doesn’t stop me from making a list of anticipated games for this system. Here are my most anticipated Vita games.

                  Resistance: Burning Skies is the first First-Person shooter to ever début on the system. The story revolves and a brave firefighter who has to deal with the chimera army invading his home. The game keeps the traditional series mechanics while adding new touch controls. There will be Wi-Fi connected eight player multiplayer which will include 6 arenas, 3 new game modes, and a ranking system. The game will be bound to release this year on May 29. As a Resistance fan, this game must better than Retribution on the PlayStation Portable.

                Gravity Rush which is also known as Gravity Daze in Japan is one of the games that dares take great advantage of the features of the Vita. You play as Kat, a girl with an ability to meddle with gravity. You can manipulate gravity with the power of the Six Axis motion controls. The design of the game is absolutely gorgeous and amazing. The game might release somewhere in June of this year.  This one may be my most anticipated game of this year.

                Dragon’s Crown, is the co-op brawler that is cross-play compatible with the PlayStation 3 version. There are up to 6 warriors so far such as the Amazon, Fighter, Sorceress, Wizard, Dwarf, and Elf. You will also enjoy the amazingly drawn environments and intuitive mechanics. The game will be developed by Vanillaware, creators of Odin Sphere, and published by Atlus games. There is no word on a release date so far but I hope this game works out great as planned.

                It is confirmed in an interview with Cave that Akai Katana Shin is coming the handheld console, the Vita. The game is a horizontal 2D style bullet hell shooter that was in arcades in Japan. The game looks freaking amazing and anticipating. There is no release date so far. I have been a fan of 2D shooters but I have high tastes for the bullet hell genre.

                I am new to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, and I just started Persona 3 FES. The Japanese RPG of my interests is Persona 4: The Golden, A great PlayStation 2 title ported to the PlayStation Vita with great new additions. The design is great and the anime cutscenes look amazing as well. This one will be coming this summer in Japan. I hope this game comes to the North America and Europe.

                Ciel No Surge is a unique communication game that just released in Japan. A lovely woman named Ionasol has lost her memory and you must help her recover it. Activities involve hanging around with the amnesic maiden and doing activities such as taking her out on dates, dress her up, check up on her, and etcetera. The game is developed by Gust, who made the Atelier and Ar Tonelico series. The game is only in Japan but I hope this one comes to Europe and North America also.

                These great looking titles for the PlayStation Vita are highly of my expectation. They are the best and most wanted titles I would like to play wherever I am at. When it comes to creating a great next generation handheld console with great features, amazing looking and more innovative games that are on the go exists. It’s like a hardcore gamers dream expected to come to reality.

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