Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Classic PC Games: Postal 2

                Let’s take a look at one of the most controversial video games ever. Postal 2 is a First-Person Shooter and a sandbox game. It was hated and loathed by critics but loved and cherished by gamers. There was an expansion pack later released for the game. I managed to get myself the cult classic but, it was an enhanced version with online multiplayer making the name of the game “Postal 2: Share the Pain.”

                The game’s story is about an average man who is referred to Postal Dude trying to live his life in Paradise, AZ. Things all go to hell leaving him with no choice but to defend himself. The streets are crawled with armed and ballistic protestors, wacky rednecks, terrorists, and various others getting ready to paint the town red. First off, the game is an action game with plenty of humor. Everywhere you go, there is always a ridiculously funny moment. There are controversial ones but nothing crosses the line that would displeasure the player. Also, the voice acting is bright and great. It does a great job fitting in with the wacky citizens of Paradise. However, the game’s campaign is short but at least it’s entertaining. It’s something that you will probably revisit in the future. When you beat the game, you are given an enhanced single player.

                You will absolutely enjoy the gameplay of Postal 2. One thing, there are many possibilities of how are you going to roll. You are given a wild arsenal of weapons, enhancements, and items. You always have nice areas to explore. Second, the game has tons of difficulty settings ranging from the easiest one to the possibly punishing and rewarding “They hate me.” If you beat the game on easy, you might want to aim for the other harder settings. Like I said, there is multiplayer. You can jump in a server and enjoy some deathmatch, snatch, and other multiplayer modes. If there are not that much people playing on your latency, you can host a server and also add bots to the mix. One more thing, you will absolutely enjoy some bright chaotic gunplay. You may use ridiculous strategies such as kicking your foe to death, urinating on others, and shoving the tip of a gun up a cat’s ass and using it a silencer/weapon stat booster. You also have many options for how you want to roll. The gameplay is absolutely fun.

                Let’s talk about the performance of the game. First off, the graphics and design are still good. Even though it aged a little, you will enjoy the game no matter what. The problems I have was that water effects seems to be really off, models sometime get stuck while falling off the map, and the AI is sometimes unresponsive. Also, the sound of the game is great. The ambience managed to do its job at keeping Paradise sounding alive. In the music section, there is one song that is so totally badass, I want it to be played anywhere I go in this game. One last thing, the game acts like your friend. You are being rewarded for just enjoying the game. If you are stuck in the environments, it will get you unstuck. The programming and design elements still go good even though it has flaws.

                Postal 2 is a type of game that wants to be what it is and doesn’t have to try to win anything.  As long as it’s entertaining it’s worth it. Well, Postal 2 still manages to entertain no matter what. If you are looking for an old FPS or not, Postal 2: Share the Pain is the deal that is definitely worth a look.

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