Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here is an Update

I seem to be more inactive in both my blog and YouTube page. I got some explaining to do. Okay here’s what’s up.

There hasn’t been anything new uploaded to my YouTube. One reason, I was being lazy to make new videos. I was taking numerous hiatuses. I was also busy with my college classes and studying. Another reason is the changes planned for my videos and Gameboysp13’s Corner. You will not be getting all-in-one every Friday so that a fresh new video is uploaded on any weekday. I am currently planning some new segments and bring back old segments that were my personal favorites. Finally, I have plans to also make videos outside of Gameboysp13’s Corner. There will be innovative projects that will involve me using both the HD camera and PSVita camera. I was also planning on making comedy skits that are less crap.

I noticed that it has been slow on my blog. First thing, I will make one or more fresh quality blog posts every week. I will make sure the post will be long and worth reading. There might be images of my own instead of the ones coming from the Google search due copyright concerns I have. Second thing, expect full written reviews. While video reviews will be short, there will be long and quality video game reviews. It may also take patience to expect gameplay footage and screenshots from PlayStation 3 titles very soon for I do not have a HD capture card yet. Finally, I will find a topic that will be feasible for me before I start a blog post. I have trouble thinking of a subject to talk about. In order to combat that, I will take a look around and open my mind in order to decide what I am going to talk about.

I will also debut my videos to Nico Nico. Don’t know what that is? It’s a popular japanese video service that is also known as “Nico Nico Douga.” The site made its debut across seas as “Nico Nico.” Why am I uploading there? I like the innovation of what the site offers. I also show interest towards watching the live streams. When will I be uploading there? I will get started right away and begin my video project I have planned for Nico Nico. I also have no word on Gameboysp13’s Corner going there. Nico Nico will also be a place for people to see my videos.

That is all the new I have for you. Now it’s time for me to start being a little more active.

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