Thursday, May 10, 2012

Video Game Review: Datura (PS3)

Yes that is right, a review for Plastic's new motion control title, Datura! Check out the full written review. If you do not know anything about the game, this trailer uploaded by Sony above this text might help before you read this review.


·         - PlayStation 3 (via PSN)
·         - Developers: Plastic and Santa Monica Studios
·         - Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment of America
·         - ESRB: T for Teen

Datura is the latest adventure motion game that is only on the PlayStation Store. Is it a great one or is it another tech demo?

Let’s talk about the story of the game. You have awoken and found yourself in an ambulance only to only to get yourself knocked out again. While unconscious, you find yourself lost in a mysterious forest that is filled with portals that lead you into scenarios that force you to make moral decisions. The storytelling is unique. The plot manages to surprise you at any way. There is no voice acting but, the game’s story can damn well tell you by itself. The only problem I have is that the game is too short. It seems like a solid 30-40 minutes passed and you’re already finished. I wish the game was rather too lengthy. It would have lasted long but at least the story is great.

Now, let’s go right on to the gameplay. First off, the motion controls of the game are intuitive. Your PlayStation Move controller act as your virtual hand allowing you to freely touch whatever you desire. There are a few hiccups in the mechanics but not a lot. If you don’t have a PlayStation Move controller or hate having one, you may use a regular Dualshock 3 controller. The mechanics for this option is well engineered making it serve as a good alternative. It is made with more simplices and less complication. One more thing I need to mention, the use of systems offered features. I can’t go into further detail because I might just spoil the game for you. On the Brightside, a great job was done in the form of taking advantage what the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Eye offers. The gameplay is interesting and amazing.

Finally, I am on to the performance and execution of the game. The game’s graphics are great. It runs at an amazing 60 Frames per Second. The forest’s environment is amazingly detailed and outstanding. The sound of the game fits in amazingly well. There is outstanding music including a great orchestrated song theme song of the forest that is worth remembering for the rest your life.  The sound effects did a great job at keeping the intensity intact.

Datura does a great job at making a new idea work. The game is great but some will possibly hate it for the little control hiccups and short length. I like the game and would love to revisit it a lot. The game may not be all that great, but it is definitely worth a checking out.


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