Friday, June 29, 2012

Gravity Rush Review

Platform: PlayStation Vita
ESRB: T for Teen
DEVELOPER: Sony Japan Studio
PUBLISHER: Sony Computer Entertainment

                Finally, I got my hands on this anticipating PSVita gem of my desires. Gravity Rush, also known as Gravity Daze in Japan has finally reached on store shelves. I commenced to play the game on my way home from the store. You are probably asking if this game is great or disappointing.

               You play as Kat, a mysterious girl with no memory and an ability to manipulate gravity. She finds herself in a mysterious floating land that is unsafe of unknown threats. You as Kat must save the world from its destruction and restore peace to the new home. The storytelling is great. The story gives a lot more depth and background. Unfortunately, the main story is short and needs to be extended indefinitely. Even though you will be reading, the writing seems to be great. There is great text that you will enjoy throughout the game. There are barely any grammar issues I spotted throughout my playthrough. The cast of characters are great. Each character has a unique look and personality. This also goes to the citizens who always have plenty of interesting sayings. The single player campaign is something worth revisiting along with the rest of this game.

                The gameplay is great and intuitive. As I said before Kat has the ability to manipulate gravity. She has abilities such as sliding, flying, and shifting with gravity. Kat also has some sweet kick-based combat moves that are useful against the game’s enemies. You can collect violet colored gems that will power certain non-working obstacles unlock challenge missions and upgrade your characters powers. There is a great big world for you to freely explore. There are some collectible items along with certain mysteries to go check out. You will also end up using the open world as a playground. The replayability of the game is good. If you beat the game, you can continue exploring the world from your save data so you can catch what you missed. You can also easily revisit rare areas that you explored throughout the story. There are also more reasons on why you should replay through the whole game over and over. There are no multiple difficulty settings so that means that you are just stuck with the game’s default skill level. I wish the game had a hard mode that will be more challenging. The mechanics of the game are great. I never encountered any complications with the controls. The uses of the PSVita’s features are very creative and impressive.

                The performance of the game is great. The graphics are amazing for a PlayStation Vita title. The whole world is bright and immersive. The art direction of the game is amazingly unique and visually amazing. The music of the game is orchestrated beautifully. It gratefully fits in the game perfectly. There are plenty of great themes that you will end up remembering gracefully. Thanks to artistic and amazing design choices, the game flows gracefully go well.

                There are games that are really great for being its own and Gravity Rush is one of them. The developers did a lovely job at making the best PSVita title. This game is definitely my favorite game to take with me on the go. If you have a PSVita, you will want to get your hands on this game.  If not, then this game is one reason why you should buy a PlayStation Vita.


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