Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Fun Times with the Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings Enhanced Edition

        Now that I finally got my new gaming PC a week ago. I was now able to run The Witcher 2 very smoothly. Not only did I bought the game at Steam via my iPod Touch during break time during my night time class, but I had to wait until tomorrow afternoon to have this game installed. My download was taking forever until I switched to an Ethernet cable because my wireless network adapter was acting up all of a sudden. After the trouble, I was finally able to play the game and my new computer made it run very well.

        This one being my first game in the series, I still managed to find the story very amusing. You play as Geralt, a witcher who was a guardian of a king got framed for murder of that king. It turns out in the beginning of the game that there is a killer known as the "Kingslayer" who is hellbent on killing kings. Making matters worse things around the wonderful world have been going haywire. I forgot about that, Geralt has to get his memory back. There are multiple paths and each decision makes the main story different. The choices offered in the game are really tough choices that will definitely make you think critically. The story is great but the side quests bring a lot of great background story. Didn't I mention about the game's sex scenes? The characters in the game have great personalities when you meet them. The writing in this game delivers very swiftly.

        Now the other main attraction, the gameplay. This game is a third-person action RPG. Two options, complete quests and side quests or eliminate foes. Both options will get you exp to level up. Each level up gives you a point for you to spend on upgrades at the advanced skill tree. You can carry two swords, one steel and one silver. The steel sword is meant for normal enemies and the silver sword is meant for monsters. The wiser choice can do more damage to certain enemies. You also have unlimited magic but you have to wait for the Agni bar to recharge if empty. On the bright side you get five spells that will always be with you from the start the game. If the white bar above your health fills up, you can perform finishing moves when the targeted enemy is dizzy. Evasive manuvers and defensive strategies is a strong advantage point when you are in battles. On the other hand, you can meditate to make time fly faster, make potions that will give you great boosts, and craft or have other people craft weapons, armor, and more. Your health and magic does recharge by itself so get out of the battle when the red bar is low. Expect the entire game to be lengthy plus the side quests and exploration. In speaking of exploration, there is a ton of areas to explore but I will get to that later. There are mini games such as hand to hand combat, arm wrestling, and rolling dice and maybe more if I look around more. This is a game where you want to procrastinate with the story missions and do whatever you please. The gameplay is not the only element that manages to surprise me after "take my money" at first sight besides the brilliant storytelling.

        The games graphics make me feel lucky to have a better computer. The game ran smoothly. The frame rate was great. It stayed at 60 frames per second without any dramatic performance issues. The game ran more faster than how Battlefield 3 runs slow on consoles. The backgrounds are amazing and beautiful. How they got every detail is astounding in effort and creativity. These design choices are what motivates you to explore entire landscapes in the game. The character modeling is done gracefully. Everyone in this game may have some different looks but they also have that astounding design. Geralt looks like the totally awesome guy he is in the entire franchise. The games audio presentation was great. The orchestrated music is amazingly worth listening to every time you start the game. The voice acting is excellent because the voices amazingly fits in their character well. The game's presentation may not become important to you but you will suddenly admire to this right on the spot.

        The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is extremely the best game in the decade. I am very glad my new computer is able to run this game. All I got to do is finish the games campaign and I am going to be very pumped for Witcher 3. I recommend you grab the enhanced edition of the game as it will give you more content. The Witcher 2 is a great game you should never miss.

I would expect more blogs regarding PC gaming because I am gracefully back in to PC gaming. Thank you for reading this blog.

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