Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Congratulations! You "Actually" Beaten the Game!! (True endings in games)

    Remember and imagine that ending of Super Mario Bros. that you finally saved the lovely princess named Peach. Now imagine that the princess is fake and a dude and the real princess is in another castle. Ouch, that really hurt like hell. That is right folks, this post is going to be about the true ending in video games.

    What is this so called true ending. The true ending is the canon ending of a story. It’s a story related accurate epilogue so It’s basically how the story actually ended. You got these multiple endings but one of them is the correct one and you got to find out which one is which.In order to get a true ending to a game, you need to perform a certain task before achieving the accurate epilogue. It could be either meeting up a certain someone, completing certain quests, collecting more bonus items, or even beating the game without dying too much. For example, DoDonPachi, a popular bullet hell shooter has either scoring high, collecting more golden bee statues, achieving high combos, or not losing more than one life while staying alive on one credit in order for you to reach the real final levels that lead to the real final boss.They are also known to really end a playthrough but either it is true or not depends on you. The answer would be maybe if you just want to beat the game and you don’t care. However the answer is definitely a yes, if you are gratefully immersed with the story. True endings have been seen implemented in many games. It’s a unique concept that causes curiosity for the player but this tactic may have some positive and negative things about it.

    There are good advantages to this type of strategy which is completely why this idea gets greenlighted by developers. The strategy really encourages the player into putting a lot of effort into either enjoying the game or mastering the game. It delivers a great amount of curiosity to him or her so that the game is more enjoyed.You say you want to give up but there is a powerful reason that is keeping you from giving up because you are highly motivated into perfecting all the levels, hunting down that damn item, or commit any other required task. The story is less confusing for the man or woman looking for novel material writing. True endings make the story less confusing for circumstances which one of them will be mentioned in a bit. You get the idea that the hero did this but the true ending says the hero actually did this. This strategy is clear things up for a sequel. The developers can’t tell the future so the true ending was added to back up the story so if it sold well, they say its perfect and here come the next installment. Arc System Works implemented the true ending into Blazblue: Calamity Trigger so there would be Continuum Shift which also led to the highly anticipated upcoming third installment, Chronophantasma. Three big great advantages but there are disadvantages to this.

    “The princess is in another castle” isn’t that enraging of a phrase but the true ending has disadvantages that well known for taking an effect on what the player feels. He or she might have that stab in the gut feeling that may or may not crush your hopes. After all that hard work and dealing with difficult things all comes to nothing. How would you feel if a guy asks you to get him a can of regular soda, you get him the soda he wanted, and you then get told that he is afraid you don’t seem to understand him? It hurts but what else make it hurt more is the feeling that you got stupid all of a sudden. “The character didn’t do that, he or she actually did that so you get your fucking facts right” is now implemented into your brain as you feel the shame of not doing anything right. It’s like you think you completed the game but you didn’t and now you feel like you got yourself  an “F” in this game’s lore. Third and most painful disadvantage, it was a trick so that means the player got trolled. The game manipulated the feelings and has been manipulating them the entire fucking time. You had your hopes but that little trick seem to crush your spirits and now you are really pissed and wanting to punch a hole in the wall. It is one of things that will make you want to use a walkthrough so that way you are confident that you are doing something right and well, actually complete the game.

    Lets wrap this up with a final verdict. Are they worth being implemented? Yes, if you want the player to put the great amount effort into the experience, that is the way to go. If you do not wish to punish the player for being mediocre and piss him or her off in the game, No. Do they get annoying? If you care about the story, at least it doesn’t go to that level. If you just want to play the game, you are mentally free to experiment or repeat what you did. Is it better to have only one ending? Having multiple means replayability but only one ending in multi-path game is a flaw unless you are playing Bioshock Infinite which basically taught you a special lesson on multiple endings in the epilogue. All in all, the answer is yes if you want to teach the player something and the answer is no if not. It’s a great unique idea even when it’s not perfect. I think having the true ending implemented in a game with multiple paths is great idea but may infuriate some folks. True endings in games, something I like in a game.

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