Sunday, July 14, 2013

I have some great news about content from me.

Check this out on Chirbit Sorry if I went incognito but there is some good news and there is no bad news. I made the list of updates on what I planned

- A comedy skit was uploaded to the Gameboysp13 YouTube channel but that comedy skit is not the one I announced. There comedy skit I announced will be coming up. You just got another comedy skit.

- Stupid Random Shiggy Diggy 3 is in production

- There will be Nico Nico exclusives planned.

- There will be full playthroughs for Psychonauts, Darwinia, and La Mulana at Gameboysp13 Plays.

- Gameboysp13 Live will stream Rise of the Triad: Dark War on the night before the release of Rise of the Triad (2013).

- Rise of the Triad (2013) will be reviewed.

- Mamorukun Curse will be reviewed.

- Hall of Awesome might have two episodes uploaded on the same day.

- I have made a traditional thumbnail.

- more news to be confirmed if they can be eligible for public release.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Oh hey reader can you sound off that widget I just put blow this highlighted text?

Check this out on Chirbit        

        Yes that is right, the blog will now have per-recorded messages. These special things hopefully give you the boost you need to get reading. These messages will be uploaded to Chirbit and become embedded to the blog. From now on these pre-recorded messages will be embedded for each new blog. There may be some point where a new Chirbit entry goes in an old blog post. That is all and have fun.