Monday, February 24, 2014

Casual Gaming and Poor People PCs (Involves an economic lesson)

    I am a real big gamer who has a tendency to push whatever obstacle out of the way to make play time. My gaming years range from shortly after the day I was born to the present. I The gaming world does end up with less issues most of the time. However, I seem to have noticed two problems that always end up on top of all other problems. These two problems might impact the feel belonging to many gamers. If that is the case, there will be natural consequences that are followed by this effect. The issues at end are basically people not getting better computers and people not getting the right gaming experience.

    If you want to play the right games, find the right computer that can run them. The simple rule you require to know right? But, the rule has been disregarded as many people end up buying the wrong PC. They get the one that only does homework and web browsing and doesn’t have the capacity to run the best games of present day. This is most commonly made mistake when it comes to shopping for computers. When you get the right PC, you get a PC that can give great advantages to gaming experiences. For Instance, not only do games run faster and better compared to the PlayStations and Xboxes, they have no excuse to leave out anything due to the sheer amounts of freedom. Developers never have to worry about the capacity of a disc or system specifications of a console which is why it is recommended to develop on Consoles. Also, there are many more opportunities you can take when using the computer which is due to the PC being open source. Multimedia purposes besides gaming involve watching movies, listening to music, and looking at photos you stored on your hard drive. Other purposes you can use your PC for is design, homework, and internet browsing. Finally, things get rewarding when you put in the extra money for the better computer. Discount sales end up occurring everyday and everywhere without the need for people to race to get the desired product. You also get the freedom to customize your PC if you need to upgrade your graphics card, add more RAM, or other hardware purposes. When it comes to buying the wrong PC, things back fire in many ways. One thing, you will end up running into plenty of problems. You have limited freedoms so you might not be able to do anything that is popularly desired. Later, you will end up with numerous and annoying freezes, crashes, and vulnerabilities as they begin to become more annoying. The next, you put little effort into your shopping. You decided to be cheap and get a PC that went below $400 without thinking about the fact that your computer can do things besides homework and surfing the internet. This is also considered to be a really dumb investment especially if you are not a special tech person. Last thing that will really hurt, you have a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U to buy if you want to play video games but being console exclusive is really bad for your gaming experience. I have seen games getting limitations based on console specs, PlayStation and Xbox owners wildly waging war against each other in pride, and people getting backfires including incidents involving burglary, discontinued multiplayer for their favorite games, and the worse of all, costs involving replacements and fees for premium services. I was a console gamer once and after all hell broke out against me turning the experience into a nightmare, I had to find my way back to the PC. If I were you I would start thinking about getting a PC with the best graphics card and processor, the high amount of RAM and Hard Drive space, and of course, getting the best amount of wattage (or more if you love SLI which means dual graphics cards) and USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Make the right purchase.

    When I first tried out one of the casual games for myself, it seemed pretty simple but somehow felt pretty pointless for me. I tried to figure them out and can’t understand what draws people to them. I start to ask this question. Why do people play these games? I should pretty much be answering why was I this curious. Millions of people play the simple things like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga. These games are in the class of casual games. Plenty of people in their entire lives loathe them for many reasons. One, they are not challenging and they are just easy. They need the challenge to feel rewarded and have fun with the game. They will end up entirely bored when the game has less difficulty if it only involves the just plain tapping the screen gimmick. Second, these games are not actual games, they are just gimmicks. If all you do is touch random things and collect stuff, this is not what a game is expected to be. It’s an elaborate troll from a group of asshats who wants to make a profit out of you and it is a really pathetic practice. Last, casual game developers don’t have the feel for video games or in other words, noobs to this video game trend just opening up to the public. That is right, they have no idea what a game needs to be, they just want it to be addicting out of something so simple as measuring a furry’s dick. For example, King who loves to file pathetic trademarks for the words, candy and saga raged the hell out on the release of the Banner Saga because of the word “saga” in which I am guessing they are just jealous because that game is better than their Bejeweled rip off that they call Candy Crush Saga. What gamers respectfully call games are the hardcore titles. They are titles that are more beefed up than casual games. These hardcore are really great for your gaming experience and here is why. First off, the difficulty and the control schemes are really better. Getting too many commands and knowing what to do with it gives many advantages through any challenging situation, you just need to know what to use and when to use it. Simple to learn but hard to master games such as Dark Souls, Ikaruga which is now on Steam, and Counter-Strike have great examples of gameplay in hardcore games. Second, the hardcore games always look better compared to the simple designs of casual games. A wonderful overhaul of graphics makes your games look amazing and having great to breathtaking graphics is a wonderful guilty pleasure. The Witcher 2 and Bioshock Infinite show greater examples of how great level design and quality can go. Last, hardcore games are more memorable. Multiplayer or not, re-playability is a wonderful thing to have to keep the player playing that game they finished. It is something that makes the player want to play the game again whether it be an amazing story, addicting gameplay, or fantastic presentation. You don’t get much out of casual games that lurk within that damn app store. Casual games don’t do well enough to satisfy gamers because they are just unsatisfactory. These games are there when you are bored out of your ass. I go for the hardcore games where you can get the very best out of a game just like you should too.

        I made a two in one blog post, that surprising. Why? They are the most leading problems that have that same reason. Why is the space on one shelf in the Wal-mart electronics section wasted thanks to this Disney Infinity and Skylanders action figure to game gimmicks that are being shoved down throats? Why are we getting this gimmicky Just Dance series instead of the non exploitative Dance Dance Revolution games? There is one reason you should have kept in mind in the first place. Your purchase decides the fates of the item you bought therefore what you buy effects not only you but other people as well. It is called voting with a dollar. When you buy something and that means anything, you vote with a dollar. This a fact that needs to acknowledge and remembered badly. If people don’t understand this and start recklessly purchasing the wrong things, there will be hell for all. Your wrong purchases might make the next person with the sufficient funds struggle to find the better computer or game that is desired by that person. Without that right PC, people can’t make the movies, tv shows, and games that entertain everyone. Without hardcore games, people will be bored of this flappy bird shenanigans and misunderstand gaming in general. You need to start thinking about making the right purchases. It makes things easier for developers, gamers, and hardware enthusiasts who shop amongst you. Also you get great games, movies, and shows in return. Stop tapping the screen on the smartphone with the purpose of making the bird fly through the pipes or buying that $200 computer looking neat on pawn shop shelves! Instead, start making buying better things.

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