Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Advances!!

    My absence from the blog is astounding. Why? Because 2013 was a total disaster all hell ends up breaking loose and as a result, I was short on blog ideas. I was fighting with myself to come up with an idea but apparently no. Now that we are in the alright year of 2014 and there are no current personal disasters on my way. I have now decided to make my announcement.

Photo taken via iPod Touch

    I got a new camcorder that I swear loves to surprise me. It is made by Sony so don’t say these guys only made the PlayStation. The working camcorder model is the Handycam CX220/B. It of course an HD camcorder but this baby is better than the Flip Mino HD I use for my videos. You can record HD video in 1080P so that any TV can have your memories displayed at any flat screens’ max resolution. Also, I don’t know how the hell Sony managed to do this and get away with making it cost above the $250. They literally put a digital camera inside the fucking thing. I took a photo and found out that photo went beyond 1080p in resolution. I swear I am not lying, this damn thing took a damn fine photo while the resolution went bigger than 1080P. I had a hard time figuring out where is the batter charger but then I realised the camera has a built in USB plug that likes to hide in the hand strap that is used for charging and transferring files. Going along with it is not only a camera bag but a 16GB SDHC card so I can have plenty of total recording time. It’s not a review, let’s come out straight. Expect 1080P videos and big photos on future posts.

Proof that this new camcorder is also a camera.

What does this mean?
- Stupid Random Shiggy Diggy 3 will be the last video in 720P.
- There will be less small sized images.
- My lazy ass doesn’t have an excuse be absent for long periods of time after one post.
- I will be announcing any YouTube videos on the blog so that more people will be aware.

    This blog will be getting back into being active. Working on Youtube Videos for 3 channels, recording gameplay footage, and writing on the blog while being in college is definitely a fun experience. I just mention something about three channels. I have my basic random videos Gameboysp13, PC gaming talk on PCGamingEnsuAZ, and my playthroughs on SirMatthewBadr.
Be sure to subscribe to all my channels on YouTube. I will get into more detail with the new YouTube channels in another blog. Also, there will be Nicovideo exclusives coming right to you guys.

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