Thursday, February 13, 2014

Video Game Review: Let's Sing

  • Platform: PC
  • Developers: Voxler Games
  • Publishers: Plug-In Digital
  • ESRB: N/A

    Let’s is considered to be one of the first karaoke games for the PC or is it? Well, “legal” that is. Sure there were other Karaoke stuff for the PC platform but all of it disappoints thanks to MIDI tracks. All you need to do is get the right copyright permissions and add in actual original versions of songs, a scoring system, and guarantee that you get rewarded for embracing whatever shenanigans strikes at you. Is the material title Let’s Sing that karaoke game?

    How you play the game is simple, you just sing but not only sing, sing it good. The scoring system measures how good you aria really. If you ask about the microphone, any type of microphone is considered good. The song list consist of classic songs for nostalgia, pop culture songs from Lady Gaga and La Roux for not only the lady gamer but for the guy who either doesn’t care or ain’t afraid to get goofy, and just the basic music of any genre we don’t mind listening to on the radio. The list of songs are good but could really need not only more songs but more songs that are worth singing for anyone. The songs are in it’s original versions and the songs have their music video along with it. Hopefully, DLC is being planned so if that is the case, I would like to sing songs from Japan. Plugging in a webcam allows the games to take photos of you while you're singing or viewing your results at the end of a song. Thankfully, you can manage what photo you wish to keep. Also you can try to share your results on Facebook but you will have difficulty. The design of the game is great even though the game was made in “surprisingly”  the Unity engine. The menus are just fancy but simple to navigate due to game requiring you to use your mouse and keyboard. For each player, you are able to decide which mic is desired to be used. The game does multiplayer for up to 2 players in which that will do for me. All in all, the gameplay is fun and great despite the flaws.

    Let’s Sing is not a bad game in which I really appreciate that. It’s a really fun party game for the PC. The PC is in dire need party games and there is no excuse since we have controllers. The developers may claim the game to be the first karaoke game but they went very alert when they said it. However, this game probably might not make it on everyone's library but it’s an interesting a little game. If it is desired, you might want to pick right now before it’s too late due to $15 price courtesy of the launch discount.


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