Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why is PC the "Master Race?"

    Plenty of people choose to play on consoles. When confronted by PC gamers, they say that it doesn’t matter what system we play on. You want a reliable product to play your games on. It’s contradicting to buy either a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or a Wii U. I don’t entirely hate consoles, I just have issues with them and I see why people pick on them. Consoles are nice for couch gaming but, you might want to prioritise getting a high-end PC. Your computer needs to running the latest games. PC is the master race but there are reasons why people call it that.

    People don’t get the fact that a solid computer must also run current games. Getting the best computer is more than just your style. If it is more expensive, it is reliable. Computers with prices below $500 will not do you favors as performance stalls. The computer that is more expensive means that there are specs added to make that PC powerful. When you find a computer that a has strong components installed, it is rewarding. The best PC gives plenty of options due to the upper hand you get from it. You can choose to either enjoy a movie, play a game, or jam out to music, or you can multi-task. Yes that kind of PC is costly but it worth it. It gets more gratifying when purchased. You have that best PC you were hunting for. If it costs above your budget, still buy it. I have added list of recommended specifications. Don’t build the PC yourself unless you have knowledge of doing it. If you need to aim for a custom built PC, have experts make it for you.

  • Intel Core i5 or i7 Quad core 3.2 GHz processor or better
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 or above
  • 8 GB RAM or above
  • 1 TB Hard Drive space or above
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports (to be on the safe side)
  • Blu-ray disc drive (I sense blu-ray roms coming up.)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit

Now that it’s being understood first, let’s get to why people call PC the master race.

    Game performance on PC is superior compared to console performance. PC game performance can go where no one else goes. Games run with higher frames per second or FPS for short. This makes the game go above 60 FPS making gameplay fast and smooth instead of slow. Console don’t bother to achieve such things, they just run below 30 FPS instead. Presentation on PC is also superior. Graphics are not only greater, but adjustable. Sound performance always stays sharp Gaming on PC just feels better. It gives you more flexibility when it comes to tough positions in games. Multiplayer gaming on PC is more strong then connecting to the PlayStation Network. If that Xbox game has a PC version, chances are that PC version is better. For example, Borderlands 2 is on PS3 and 360 but it more marvelous on PC. When you play it on PC, it gets better.

    Console exclusives may be fun, but they are not as great as PC’s exclusives. Thanks to unlimited amount design choices, developers have the opportunity to add more content to the game. As a result, these titles are more memorable and replayable. The high amount of gameplay and content does great at satisfying the player not once but multiple times. The fond memories will always be recalled more than memories on console games. Another result, Single-player games take longer to complete. Unlike console games, More PC only titles end up with lengths of over 6 hours long. That is not all, a number of games like to include custom campaign support  granting people to go on another story when the main one is completed. The third result, games that can’t be played with a controller making more commands open for players. This is due to the use of keyboard and mouse which gives commands that can’t fit in controller settings. In addition, game controls becomes flexible, advanced, and more fun but you can also connect a controller when it comes to other games. Games that are exclusive to PC tend to be the best as it is always available to be. Console exclusive titles don’t have that freedom and are stuck with console specs that handcuff them. PC exclusives turn out to be better than console only titles.

    When shopping on for console games, the cheapest one is the worst. In a better way It is always cheap to play on PC for plenty of reasons. Games go through numerous discount sales occuring everyday. Go to online stores like Steam and Green Man Gaming, Expect to see price cuts on the best games latest or classic. Seasonal and celebratory sales on Steam are more of best part compared to Black Friday. Also, games don’t need to be on sale to be below $10. The number smash hit download titles normally costing below $10 rises above consoles’ numbers. As a matter of fact, your great PlayStation 2 games rarely had that price tag on stores. PC is home to titles that require you to pay nothing. These titles are free-to-play titles and plenty of them are more worth your time. The list of free-to-pay smash hits include Dota 2, League of Legends, Hawken, and Team- Fortress 2. It is rewarding when it comes to PC gaming. The best reward from it, you get more games your budget affords.

    PC gaming never makes you suffer, in fact you can actually do whatever you wish. One thing, you don’t need to stay with the same specs. What is installed in your PC is fully customizable. This means that you can switch components, add more memory, and install other hardware. Second, you can make adjustments to desktop menu. You have the ability to either set the wallpaper to one photo or have it as a slideshow. Due to multi-output, your PC can output to multiple monitors or displays. Last, you have the ability to adjust your games’ graphics. Each game has a graphic setting where you can adjust the image of the game. For example, if you are a graphics enthusiast, you can make everything at max settings. Not only do you freedom on your operating system but have it on hardware as well. Consoles never give you the freedom, modding leads to trouble. This is because the console is not like a PC. Because it is open source, PC makes you detached from restrictions.

    Online connectivity on PC is way more relaxing and costless. First of all, Multiplayer costs nothing and never had costed anything. There are no fees or no need to go through a premium service to play online. Even free, multiplayer connections are superior and less strict allowing for dedicated servers. Internet browsers are way more better. You are able to view websites that are rich in design with no holdbacks at all. I prefer Firefox, the best browser that lived with me ever since I heard of it. Communication is free and better as multiplayer. Text and Voice chat are normally allowed in games. You want to chat cross-game, you have voice chat services like Skype. When you want to play online, you can play for free. There is no need to connect to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. You can just connect online via multiple servers and have fun. Multiplayer is a culture but the PC reinvented that culture and made it better.

    PC has way more basic varieties compared to consoles. One thing, multimedia features began on the PC before the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were announced. PC can let you watch movies, listen to music, view photos, and even read texts. You can even add any kind of data to a blank disk or flash drive. Second, streaming services are better. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, and others started on PC and are optimized on PC. People rather upload videos to YouTube with the use of a computer instead of a smartphone. Third, content creation requires you to have a PC. Without PC, you can never make your own games. You can also make paintings, videos, music, and other forms of media via any application. PC can handle things are not related to gaming. As a matter of fact, it was always used for many purposes since it was born.

    You will begin to see why people call PC the master race. It is a very superior entertainment system from the start. People who own one make that their favorite way to game. Trust me, I rarely touch my PlayStation 3 thanks to being on the PC. Actually, I should have been on it more back in my childhood days. However, PC is taking over the living room as it is connects to a television via HDMI. Retro games are played more thanks to PC always having backwards compatibility. More party games begin to surface Steam’s store shelves. The biggest peripherals including the Oculus Rift are headed to the computers. PC gaming is of course, a miracle.

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