Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gameboysp13 Weekly Newsletter!! May19-23, 2014

Introducing weekly newsletters, recaps of what happened in a week of Gameboysp13. The videos, blogs, and photos will be summed up in order of day of the week uploaded. Get ready for memories to be refreshed or something you missed out on. This will be going on for every week. 

+++++ Monday +++++  
Playing Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams- Rise of the Owlverlord gets really fun. This indie platformer had such an interesting series history. This game was known for being so damn hard. You will be surprised when you find out that Hard mode is the default difficulty. Sacrificing a whopping 37 lives attempting to survive the first level was just hilarious. Just know that the game plays tricks on you.

 +++++ Tuesday +++++  
A Quick message about cleaning the environment. That is all.