Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gameboysp13 Weekly Newsletter!! May19-23, 2014

Introducing weekly newsletters, recaps of what happened in a week of Gameboysp13. The videos, blogs, and photos will be summed up in order of day of the week uploaded. Get ready for memories to be refreshed or something you missed out on. This will be going on for every week. 

+++++ Monday +++++  
Playing Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams- Rise of the Owlverlord gets really fun. This indie platformer had such an interesting series history. This game was known for being so damn hard. You will be surprised when you find out that Hard mode is the default difficulty. Sacrificing a whopping 37 lives attempting to survive the first level was just hilarious. Just know that the game plays tricks on you.

 +++++ Tuesday +++++  
A Quick message about cleaning the environment. That is all. 

 +++++ Wednesday +++++  
I have finally took notice on Microsoft's decision to exclusively advertise the Xbox and not gaming on their Windows OS. Made no sense, when PC generated plenty of higher numbers of gamers on keyboard and mouse. I finally made a commentary of me saying something about it. Question, will Microsoft stop what they are doing or will they screw themselves over. 

+++++ Thursday +++++  
 I made a really short video skit. From the beginning, I got tempted to make an HD vine. There was two conditions, Vine does not support HD 1080p and I would have to use a special uploader. I thought screw it and make this video skit. If you want to check out the jigsaw puzzle game, I posted the link.

+++++ Friday +++++  
We always find that one MMO that we will get hooked into right? Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn may be that MMO for me. Sure, I have to pay subscription fees even though I hate subscription fees but still worth it. The start of Friday occurred and servers need to go down for maintenance. I was exploring things to talk about in the future episodes of my play through and the next thing you know, I got disconnected only to find out that server are going down for maintenance. Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn is my favorite game in the series. ++++++++++ This week was short in video length but the week went randomly well. Next week, we will be bringing more of Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn. I still have fun recording live game play footage on this game and I still have fun playing it when I am not recording. Plus, I have that one dance etched in my head so I want to introduce that as well. I am looking into new games I can start let's plays with. It's so that way, you won't be recently seeing only FFXIV: RR videos. I love comedy. I love to laugh, we all love to laugh so there will be an comedy video that is lengthy in the works. This video will probably involve vodka sauce. I will be working with scheduling my content on YouTube. Makes things easy.

 +++++ Bonus Time +++++ 
Walk down the pavement 
Yell at girlfriend on the phone 
It's Valentine's Day 

+++++ Poll of the Week +++++
What is on your mind?

That is all, I will keep doing these things since it's easy for me.

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