Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Decision for Anime, ANIME VIDEOS!

    I need to post here more often. Oh well, it’s time for me to make an announcement. I will be covering not only Video Games but Anime as well. I was getting an idea of doing the stuff about anime but after a few things really convince me, I will be up for doing this.

    One reason, I was nothing but Anime as a kid. There are the cartoons on Cartoon Network, Tech Tv which became G4 before the demise of the channel, and the shows like Family Guy. However, I ended up watching Adult Swim and Toonami more often. The roots then keep coming back to me as my time goes forward. Another reason, I yearned for a way for me to watch Anime due to me being a complete fuckhead and keep missing the opportunities. I finally found out about Hulu and Crunchyroll for the streaming and stores for the DVD collections. Finding opportunities made me weeb out. It is time for me to pay greatly more revisits to my secondary category of major interests. Third and final reason, I just want to be an otaku. Not that hard to ask right? Afterall, Video Games are my major interest and there are times where Anime is combined with games. For example, BlazBlue and Hyperdimension Neptunia. With these three purposes in tact so will the willingness to do anime.

    What plans to do with anime? First off, I will be reviewing episodes individually. I will summarize what has happened in one episode then critique the episode in general. The latest episode of a show is worth talking about on the spot. You get hyped up or disappointed and it s fun to say how you felt. Also, I aim to go for series as a whole as I will tell the story then critique the whole series altogether. This is for the sole purpose for when I just got off from seeing the all episodes. Finally, I plan to also critique DVD sets and tell how the English dub sound and the amount of content in many things. DVD collections normally run at more than $20 and yes, the animes are TV series from Japan but I gotta make sure it is worth the money. These will not be only plans for anime vids for I will bring something new to the table.

I hope this new addition of variety will make me more lively on my Youtube, Blog, and social media outlets.

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