Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bikini Warriors is a combination of RPG parody and Fanservice. It's executed well.

Here is the official preview uploaded to YouTube from HobbyJapan.

The newest and shortest anime of summer 2015 ends up going to Bikini Warriors. It’s about female warriors in bikini armor venturing to kick some ass and look fine doing it. You won’t feel the need to be surprised when you find out that the brand of from the makers of Queen’s Blade after all. As Queen’s Blade combines fan service with action, Bikini Warriors combine fan service with RPG parody.
One, the main characters are female and are dressed in bikini armor. Of course that is the premise because fanservice. The fanservice is important as it is the main point of the brand. Also, the anime spoofs RPG games in general. This anime has referenced certain RPG game logic such as how the player is able to go to one NPC house after another finding nothing but stuff that isn’t theirs and putting it to use, the concept of selling items, how each new armor remains the same design, and possibly more to come. It’s intended to be a tribute to RPGs which is  the main part of the brand as well. Second, I want to address the design. The design of the anime in general is great. The characters in term of concepts match well and are delightfully charming as they define not only the anime but the brand. The animation is surprisingly good and highly detailed despite the look of being outdated for some eyes. There is one thing that bothers me and is a turnoff for many folks, it’s too short and the length doesn’t fit in. All you get is five minutes an episode which totally sucks. It would do the show much more justice if each episode lasts 25 minutes an episode or however long the average episode of an anime lasts. The storytelling way too funny and brilliant to remain a five minute CollegeHumor-esque skit show, I ended up laughing and admiring the shenanigans the show has to offer. Basically, it’s shameless fanservice but it’s what's supposed to be done in the Bikini Warriors name. As a matter of fact, Bikini Warriors did what it was supposed to do very well. Yes, the anime is short but an episode still leaves you starving for more. As a matter of fact the anime has gotten into the brand. Now, if that Mage figurine would show up. Mage is best girl. :D